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29 October 2006

Image Is Everything

I have noticed lately a new trend towards image-centric blogs. These range from the non-creatively graphic with the standard pussy/penis covered in semen shots, in other words exhibitionism, to action shots on video. Neither of these have enriched the blogging community as this material has been available for a considerable time on porn sites.

This genre of non-creative blogging falls in to the following catagories:


This is the type of photographic blog that contains images of the blogger. Posts being made either daily or weekly. In some cases it seems that any more frequent postings would be difficult given the amount of time needed to adjust the images in Photoshop before general release to the public.

One such blog’s author constantly presents their images against a black backdrop. You may wonder why, but it is obvious. The images are shaped and trimmed down every week to participate in the HNT posts. They painstakingly (and obviously) re-touch the images down from a size “actual size” to “desired size” every week.

I can understand that most of us would enjoy being admired in this way but please be honest about your images. If you are a large person rejoice in the fact, don’t try to fool everyone that you are not. A full and curvy figure is many people’s idea of heaven.

If your only contribution to the blogging world is posting dishonest images of yourself each week, then maybe it’s time to ask yourself what you get from blogging. Be proud of who you are and not what you believe others would have you be. Just a thought.

Image Snatch

It’s difficult to understand why this type of blog evolved in the first place. The total contents of the blog are stolen images of pussy/cock and come shots from existing galleries. All of which are readily available to the avid porn viewer. So why should we come over and take a look at your rehashged offerings? This type of blog takes no talent or time to create and should be looked upon as pure wank material.

They are often loaded with adverts too, becoming just revenue generating hook sites for their creator.

Flash The Gash

This type of blog fast becomes repetitive and monotonous as there are only so many times you can display your saggy pussy and tits before readers move on. Yet these bloggers insist on revealing their not so lovely bodies daily with pride. Some are even creating their own video clips, I advise you view with caution and in some cases a sick bag. Did I just hear a banjo?

If I wanted to view a pussy or a pair of tits there are plenty of galleries out there doing it much better. My advice, leave it to the pros and stop being such a dirty skank.


Blogger Muff Diver said...

I tried my photoshopping skills...

I hope you like..oh...

don't hate me cos I'm beautiful, right?


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