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17 September 2006

The Disclaimer Blog

I know there are many of you eager readers out there who seek to find something that mimics the truth. There are housewives out there who really want to read true sexual confessions, males who need some fodder and the non fictional element is what gives a confession it’s magic. The distinction between fiction and non fiction is one:


Fiction is the creation of a story from the imagination, and Non Fiction implies that the account is true, that it actually happened to the person or people that are described.

So, where does the buck stop for readers hunting sex blogs?

There are blogs, and there are disclaimer blogs. The first type don't really aim to 1. kiss booty, 2. feature lots of wobbly bits and 3. the writer's aren't super horny hot looking people. The second type are those blogs in which you’ll see a little (and it’s usually tiny, so it’s easily missed) square or button in the uppermost or lower corner of the blog. Click this and you’ll see another page that can translate to:

“This is all bullshit, enter at own risk.” or “ Just because I’m detailing this, it doesn’t meant that it’s real but if you want to pretend it’s real then that’s fine just don’t stalk me!’ Speaking of stalking….

Now if you’re happy reading fiction, that’s fine. If you’re happy to pretend you’re reading non fiction which is actually fiction, this is all fine as well.

Just remember:

It’s not true.
It doesn’t reflect any real sexual dynamic that can or may relate to you or your partner so just before you think that these people are having the time of their life and swinging from the chandeliers, remember the disclaimer! It’s highly likely that they’re not Don Juan or Jenna.

And better yet, some of the sexual positions are so out of this world, even ET would extend his thin stalk-like finger and scratch his head thinking 'wtf?'

So what does this mean for you, the potential sex blogger?

Use the disclaimer.

It absolves all responsibility. No one can point a finger at you or break into a tantrum when they discover that your 'real confessions' are .....fictional.


Blogger Marque De Shade said...

I'm thinking that ET writing a sex blog, now that could be some hot digital action. :)

Mr Spielberg a word in your ear about this script I'm working on.

Thu Sep 21, 07:47:00 pm  

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