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23 October 2006

How to Take Out that Hated Blogger*

This could follow on from the previous post from the Gobblin’. How do you sabotage the blog* that you despise, and want to see die a slow painful death?

1) The best method, that hardly fails, is to spread rumor about the blogger you hate. You can make out like they’re harassing you, or stalking you in some way.

2) Create a conflict. When the hated blogger replies to you, to confront you, pretend you have amnesia. This makes the hated blogger look insane, and let’s you score some points. Warning: Should you fail to do this in a subtle manner, people will think you’re stark raving mad as well and will avoid you both.

3) Should you be the fortunate owner of a popular blog, you can start a boycott by enlisting your friends to not comment on the blog you hate. If you’re also lucky to be a high referrer, in addition to a popular blogger, then your grunts have no other choice but to follow your advice because you will remove their links from your blog. This works well because some bloggers would rather sever their little finger than lose traffic.

That’s my top three.

Remember: What goes around, comes around and I’m not talking about pussies and cocks. Being nice wins out each time. But should you desire to be nasty, because you’re a jealous so and so, then take my top three tips. Of course they damn well work. Be careful what you wish for.

* Blog refers to any blog that gets up your nose.


Blogger The Gobblin' said...

Muff you really ought to be spreading peace and love throughout the blog world.

But I have weapons.

Thu Oct 26, 06:34:00 pm  
Blogger Muff Diver said...

I know.

Where's John Lennon when we need him?

Wed Nov 01, 11:36:00 am  

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