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21 October 2006

Blogger Comments Not Going So Well?

Is your blogger popularity waning? Do you have dwindling comments or feedback? Don’t worry, take action now. You can always use these tried and tested methods to increase your popularity and look as if you are not the only stinky kid in class.

Blogging is part talent, an aptitude for the written word (we know it should be all talent but, that’s not the way to popularity now is it.) and a huge lump of psychology. Tell your readers you are one Hot Cookie, your mailbox is overflowing each morning and your stats are astronomic. There aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to your faithful readers you have out there. Ok, perhaps that is pushing credibility to new levels but what the hell enough of them will fall for it, you can pull it off baby! I like the sound of that.

Step One

Spice up you sidebar. Put Hot, Spicy or something equally as eye-catching next to your friends on the sidebar to give them that extra zing. Then perhaps they will do the same for your blog.

Step Two

Create yourself a button so that all your blogger buddies can take one back to their blog making you stand out amongst the other mundane possibilities on their sidebar. Don’t forget to animate it for extra impact.

Step Three

Respond to your readers with a separate comment entry for each reply and voila! You just doubled the number of comments on your post with very little effort.

Step Four

Be warned this should only be used if all else fails (use with caution) add anonymous comments to your own posts. Be careful not to over do it as it can look very obvious if you have a higher proportion of anon comments to registered Blogger. For added credibility, give them names and stick to them no matter what.

Step Five

It takes a little more time but I feel it is well worth the investment. Set up blogger accounts for your ghost commenters. They don’t need to have a blog so don’t panic, just the id is fine and slightly more credible than the basic anon commenters.

Step Six

Mention your stats, those little babies are bound to turn them on. You can also make them up! After all who’s to know if you told a teeny weeny lie.

In addition to the above you could try changing your template. Reinvent yourself with a totally new look and whilst doing it take down some of your old posts. They will come in handy for republishing when you have nothing else in store.


Blogger Muff Diver said...

Gee! and I thought that archived posts disappeared because of cyber stalkers!

Mon Oct 23, 08:30:00 am  

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