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14 September 2006


Ah, I’ve been away too long. But even your hard working De Shade must take a sabbatical sometimes. The delights of distant shores, filled with supplicant beauties, I can still taste their … another time perhaps dear reader. A story for another day.

One thing that is common in the world of erotic blogging is the use of the avatar image to support your legend and promote your blog.

As in all things in this merry dance of eroto-blogging, image is everything and truth can go to hell. Except of course in my case. The image you see is truly the visage of De Shade a rare treat when adult bloggers rarely show themselves.

And who can blame them? Would you show your face after baring your thoughts, your fantasies, you soft and squidy (occasionally hard and horny) bits?

Yes, yes some will, but for the most part you prefer the protection of an image gathered from the exotic depths of Google image search or Flikcr. What was that? Copyright did someone say? What’s that? Finders keepers seems to be the rule here.

Now with such a vast array of possible personas to be had via this cornucopia of imagery what should you choose?

Consider these types of images and what they say about you.

Absolutely abstract: (e.g. Jackson Pollock): I am mysterious, an enigma, but MSN me nicely and I’ll send you pictures of my fleshy bits if you do likewise.

Figurative abstract: (e.g. Van Gogh, Sunflowers): I have an artistic side, I am a sensitive being, but MSN me nicely and I’ll send you pictures of my fleshy bits if you send me pictures of your partner’s.

Comic (esp. animated): I have a sense of humor, I don’t take myself too seriously. Please send me pictures of your genitalia photographed from an unusual angle.

Sexy: I’m so hot and if you want to believe that image of the sexy leather clad, whip wielding vision is me then be my guest. BTW do you have any pictures of yourself naked.

Provocative: Yes that is a carrot and as you can see I’m not afraid to use it. Do you have any pictures of yourself in loving poses with vegetables.

Slutty: I will do anything for a Budweiser, so come over with a few bottles and bring your camera.

Obscene: I used to be slutty but I’ve let myself go. Or, please send me pictures that can only be taken with a speculum and endoscope.

Photoshopped to Fuck: I want to believe I’m sexy, I want you to believe the same. I really could do with some help with my self-esteem.

The Real Deal: Please stalk me, my number is 555-

Now what category does De Shade fall into? Hehehe.



Blogger Terminal Reflections said...

I think I have the wrong avatar :(

Sun Sep 17, 09:39:00 am  
Blogger Muff Diver said...

what does mine mean??????

har har!

Sun Sep 17, 09:43:00 am  

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