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04 July 2006

Bonsoir Bloggers

I for one used to believe that to achieve greatness and the respect of my peers I would have to work long and hard. I had visions of De Shade toiling into the small hours each night by the light of smoking tallow candles scratching away with his quill.

No longer! I believe I have discovered the secret of creating a popular adult blog. Curiously this does not require you to be a talented writer or have a boundless imagination teaming with erotic ideas.

So what makes for a popular adult blog?

My posts will teach you the secrets. They are simple, often bizarre, but always of use to the aspiring adult blogger.

Come back soon, but for tonight dear reader, adieu.


Blogger Karl Elvis said...

I"m takin' notes. I need to figure out what a pirate needs to do to get linked around here.

Tue Jul 18, 03:08:00 pm  

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